GTA V To Re-Release For PC, PS4 And Xbox One; Brings Additional Content |

GTA V To Re-Release For PC, PS4 And Xbox One; Brings Additional Content

With new muscle to power the game, it’s all about the details.


Rockstar Games has announced through a blog post, that the game developer will be releasing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) once again. This release of the game is clearly meant for the new line up of consoles and PC’s and brings a lot more detail and additional content to a title that was launched last September.

The release is mainly aimed at the new generation of consoles which saw a drastic change in processing power; something which the earlier release of the game definitely did not utilize to the fullest. This time around Rockstar has apparently held nothing back and has added an insane level of detail (which was not possible before) to one of the world’s fastest selling games.

Rockstar tells us that the upcoming release of GTA V will almost be the same game, but will come with a host of modifications and those juicy new high-quality textures that many have been waiting for. The new game will take full advantage of the power that new consoles have to offer and will deliver a stunning level of detail with increased draw distances, finer texture details and denser traffic.

The enhanced textures will supposedly add life to the open world experience which will also include new wildlife, upgraded weather and improved damage effects as well. Grand Theft Auto Online will of course be integrated and will allow you to keep climbing the criminal ranks which will see a boost thanks to new jobs, weapons and a variety of new vehicles.

Lastly, the new game will also include a new video-editor with advanced movie-making controls.

Pre-order starts today on the Rockstar’s website and the game will hit the shelves only by fall this year.

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