Tweet Sparks Off Rumours Of An Upcoming Nexus Smartphone |

Tweet Sparks Off Rumours Of An Upcoming Nexus Smartphone

As usual, the rumour mills are churning out stories ahead of Google's I/O conference, which will be held later this June.


There have been several reports stating that Google is all set to shutter the Nexus program in favour of a more upmarket Android Silver program. However a tweet by the official Android account on Twitter showcasing a never before seen device has sparked off rumours of an upcoming Nexus 6 smartphone.


While the tweet highlighted the grocery shopping list feature on Android, it did so on a Nexus-like device with ultra-thin bezels and more rounded edges. While the information may be coming from an official source, it isn't sure if Google was just using a mockup for the ad or was indeed hinting at an upcoming Nexus phone.

This isn't the first time Google has resorted to using unseen devices in promotional ads, just to create a bit of hype. It isn't uncommon for the rumour mills to be churning in full swing ahead of Google's yearly I/O conference.


A lot is expected at this year's I/O, with rumours of a new 8-inch Nexus tablet, a new Nexus phone and even a new version of Android. With such a huge build up, we'd advice you to take this latest news with a pinch of salt as similar rumours in the past have turned out to be fake.


This doesn't mean that the company isn't working on new phones and tablets, but to expect a new Nexus device based on a teaser ad seems far fetched. With HTC confirming that they're engaged in building tablets for Google, a new Nexus tablet seems far more plausible for launch in the near future.

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