A Closer Look At Apple's Long Awaited Health App For iOS 8

The Health app will act as an aggregator for data gathered by apps and devices about the user's health and fitness levels.


As Apple unveiled its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, on Monday, we got our first look at the much anticipated Health app and HealthKit SDK. It is now confirmed that the platform will aggregate data from various fitness apps, which will be displayed together on the Health app.


While it still isn't confirmed yet, Apple could work with companies like Nike, FitBit and even your doctor to gather fitness and medical data. Moreover, the company is working with Mayo Clinic to make sense of all the data displayed in the Health app, displaying more than just mere fitness and health data.


According to 9to5Mac, who laid their hands on iOS 8 Beta, the Health app consists of various categories, each having its own card displaying graphical data. The timeline for the viewed data can be adjusted – day, week, month and year – to help you track you fitness and health data.


The company didn't however give out too much information about the potential of its Health app and HealthKit SDK. It's clear that Apple's HealthKit has the potential to revolutionize the health and fitness fields, but until we see more developers and Apple itself building devices and apps for it, we won't be able to gauge its full potential.


Video Courtesy: macmixing

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