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LG To Show-Off A 6-inch QHD Display; 700ppi Screens Could Be Next

While many may argue it's an utter waste, LG thinks it's where display technology is headed.


It's been just a few days since LG unveiled its flagship G3 smartphone which sports a 5.5-inch QHD display that boasts of an insane 538 pixels per inch. Now the company is planning to show off more of what it can do with its display tech and will show-off a 6-inch QHD screen at the at the SID Expo in San Francisco.


According to Android Headlines, the team that built the 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 panel on the G3 spoke about the process behind creating the display and the future of smartphone and other device screens. Things like displays with pixel densities of 600 ppi and 700ppi were thrown around, and the team believed it is where display technology is headed.


While many argue that the human eye is incapable of perceiving anything above 300ppi, LG argues that it is in fact possible and has a lot to do with age. It is for this reason that the company and many of its rivals are pushing the envelope of display technology, while resolution is the soft spot that many critics and non-believers have targeted.


PhoneArena.com goes further to speculate that the 6-inch QHD screen is the beginning of a new flagship LG phablet. While the G3 wasn't the first phone wasn't the first smartphone to flaunt a QHD display, the publications believes the 6-inch display which the company is about to show off is the exact same one as on the Vivo Xplay 3S.

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