Amazon Launches Its Kindle 'Cloud Reader' Service In India

Read books in your Kindle library right off your web browser. No downloading or syncing issues.


Amazon has launched its cloud-reading service in India that allows users to read books in its collection right from their web browsers, without the need to download anything. The service named 'Cloud Reader' is available for free and can be used on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 10 and above) and Safari for iPad.


The Cloud Reader is part of Amazon's efforts to promote its 'buy once, read everywhere' philosophy. The service syncs data such as last read pages, notes, bookmarks and highlights for all the books in a user's Kindle library. There's even an offline mode that allows readers to continue reading in the absence of Internet connectivity.


Just as with Amazon's Kindle reader devices, users will be able to customise the page layout, including the text, font size and much more. "With Kindle Cloud Reader, you can truly start reading instantly — no download or installation. We think customers in India are going to love this new Kindle app," said Amit Agarwal, VP and country manager of Amazon.

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