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LG G3 QuickCircle Case Announced; Allows You To Do More With The Case Closed

Cases, all of a sudden seem to be getting more interactive.


LG has announced its all-new circle case for its upcoming smartphone flagship, the LG G3. While the smartphone will be a jaw-dropper thanks to its QHD (2560 x 1440 pixel) display, the smart case will also match up by extending the capabilities of the device.

We earlier reported screenshots of the software optimisations that have been made by LG for its G3 while being used with the upcoming case. Now that LG has made an announcement, our guesses have finally been confirmed.

It all began with HTC, the M8’s Dot View case, which basically worked with the screen turned on behind the cover to alert the user of incoming notifications. The QuickCircle Case made by LG again is definitely not a normal one. It somehow draws power from the device and even includes a circular light on the rim of the window, which glows for notifications. Moreover,  the case folder-style case lets users check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, listen to music and more from the circular window, without opening the phone. There are also native fitness apps that LG seems to have included that take advantage of this feature. LG plans to release an SDK for third party app developers soon to extend the window functionality for third-party apps as well.

Additionally apart from protecting the smartphone, the case is said to deliver a better grip while holding the G3 as well. The case is also Qi wireless charging compatible, something that we noticed in FCC filings made by the company yesterday. The QuickCircle case has been specially designed for the G3 and will come in Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint and Indian Pink.

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