The Boyfriend Log: An App That Uses Data To Help You Find 'The One' |

The Boyfriend Log: An App That Uses Data To Help You Find 'The One'

Why just track your health and fitness levels with mobile apps? Now track your love life.


In today's world, obsessing over data has become a fad. Gone are the days where you stare into a mirror unhappily and decide whether to hit the gym or get some more sleep. Fitness and health apps now log every step you take and every meal you eat, suggesting if you're living a healthy lifestyle.


The Boyfriend Log is one app that plans to introduce this data madness into your love life, logging your mood patterns on a day-to-day basis, helping you decide if you've found 'the One'. According to Engadget, the app lets you answer a simple question – “How was your relationship today?”, with colour coded responses for romantic, flat, sad, happy and angry.


A calendar view of your daily logs then provides you with the most predominant mood over a period of time, helping you decide if you're actually happy. The Boyfriend Log even has the capability to log multiple relationships simultaneously (if you're dating more than one person at the same time) and compare calendars to help decide who's the better catch match.


It may seem kind of daft to rely just on logged data of your daily moods to know how well you're doing in a relationship, but if it's what gives you the kicks, who're we to stop you. Moreover, you're loved one may not like it if they find out they're being studied, and while the app is protected by a pin, imagine the hell that could break loose if they broke the code.

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