Google Begins Selling Glass To Anyone (In the US) For $1,500

No need to attend one-day sales or golf tournaments, now anyone can become a Glass Explorer.


Internet search giant Google has announced that it will begin selling its Glass headset to anyone in the US for $1,500. The company is no longer restricting entry into its Explorer program, in an attempt to build sort of a more open beta testing stage.


Unlike in the past where you'd have to attend a golf tournament or a one-day flash sale to get your hand on Glass, Google now claims it will sell to anyone who can pay and as long as stocks last. This however isn't the much awaited commercial launch of Glass, but just a way for the company to increase the number of testers.


Google is yet to roll out a major consumer push as the development teams are still working to better the hardware as well as software. The current edition of Google Glass is still fairly rough around the edges, but if you're dying to get your hands on some thoroughly disruptive tech, then there isn't any alternative.


There has been much criticism over the privacy, safety and overall usefulness of Glass, but those issues are exactly what Google wants to address by having more people use the device. Still, the massive price tag Glass currently carries puts it out of the hands of many, and we do hope that when it eventually goes on sale, it does so for a more reasonable cost.


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