Apple Patents Cool 3D Hologram Display Technology |

Apple Patents Cool 3D Hologram Display Technology

Users will also be able to manipulate the floating 3D projections with gestures.


The U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office has published an Apple patent application for an “Interactive three-dimensional display system” which was reported by AppleInsider. The 3D image or hologram can be manipulated by the user with touches, swipes and other gestures.


The invention uses a UFO-shaped mirror box that projects a 360-degree 3D image above a light source. The projected image can then be manipulated by the user with inputs detected by lasers built into the display device. This would be done by a bevy of on-board sensors and processors which would change the shape, size or orientation of the projected image.


While the device is built on a various already proven techniques to produce a 3D hologram, Apple's solution in a bit more complex. The technique is comprised of three parts: a display system that creates a primary 3D image, an optical system that translates the first image into a secondary 3D image in mid-air and a sensor assembly to log user input.


However, Apple doesn't seem to be anywhere close to being able to use the tech in its devices, but seems to be a mere design reference for some future 3D display tech. With Amazon all set to debut its 3D smartphone display technology, the timing of the news is interesting.

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