Nearly One Tenth Of WhatsApp's 500 Million Active Users Are In India |

Nearly One Tenth Of WhatsApp's 500 Million Active Users Are In India

Mark Zuckerberg was right about WhatsApp providing Facebook with the 'Next Billion' users.


Instant messaging service WhatsApp which recently came into the limelight after it was acquired by Facebook for $19 million, announced on Tuesday that it has breached the 500 million active monthly users milestone.


The company reported that its half a billion users share over 700 million photographs and 100 million videos on a daily basis. Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia are the regions where the service is growing fastest, with 48 million active monthly WhatsApp users in India alone.


It's no secret that Facebook was eyeing WhatsApps potential in emerging markets as one of the major decision in buying the service. In just two months since the deal was announced, WhatsApp has garnered over 50 million additional users, helping it hit the 500 million active users mark.


The reason for WhatsApp's success in emerging market is the cost of using the service. At just $1 a year, using WhatsApp is far cheaper than regular SMS, while the ballooning number of people with access to the Internet in these regions has helped.


In just these two months, the app is performing just as Facebook had intended it to, adding to the 1.23 billion users strong social network. Though it isn't clear as to how many users use both services (which is why it would be daft to add them up) Mark Zuckerberg's mission to colonise the developing world seems to be right on track.


With high-flying drones offering up cheap internet connectivity at the farthest reaches of the globe, Facebook and WhatsApp could eventually be all that one needs to get in touch with anyone. Period. While there will undoubtedly be several hurdles in the way of the Facebook Founder's dreams, he certainly is proving that he's right on track.

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