One In Every 143 Active Android Devices Is Already A Samsung Galaxy S5

That number is even more impressive when you consider it was achieved within a week of the phone's launch.


Just one week after the global launch of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5, the device makes up an impressive 0.7 per cent of all active Android smartphones worldwide, according to Localytics. The phone which was launched on April 11 amid much criticism seems to have an adoption rate almost as high has Apple's iPhone 5s.


According to the data, after one week, the iPhone 5S made up 1.1 per cent of all iPhones, whereas the Galaxy S5 made up 0.7 per cent of all Android phones. Considering that Apple is the sole manufacturer of the iPhone and unlike Galaxy is competing in a highly fragmented market, which is made up of entry-level as well as high-end devices, the adoption rate is more than impressive.


Apart from competing with an already established smartphone model, the iPhone 5s, the launch of the Galaxy S5 coincided with that of rival HTC's One (M8). Despite the added competition, Samsung's flagship sales have been high, outperforming even its predecessor.


The US market dominated in sales of the S5, making up 64 per cent of the handset's market in the first week. Europe was the phone's second largest market attracting 23 per cent of all sales, while the rest of the world made up 13 per cent. The adoption of the S5 in European markets could be low due to the fact that the phone hasn't been launched in all countries yet.


Moreover, considering the sheer size of the global Android smartphone market, and that the S5 already makes up 0.7 per cent of it, Samsung undoubtedly has a winner on its hands. This comes despite the widespread criticism that the Galaxy S5 was a mere evolution of its predecessor rather than being a revolutionary device.


Samsung has worked hard to iron out the flaws with its previous flagship devices, while heavily focusing on adding new features such as the finger print reader and heart rate sensor. There was no doubt that the S5 would be the current best selling Samsung phone on the market, but its outright success would have indeed a few company executives too.

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