Nike Changes Its Digital Sports Priorities, Focus To Shift From Hardware To Software |

Nike Changes Its Digital Sports Priorities, Focus To Shift From Hardware To Software

After a number of manufacturers have joined the wearables race, Nike says it will concentrate on software instead.


Nike it seems is tired of the competition coming in from all sides thanks to the new smartwatch trend among manufacturers. This is becoming a growing problem ever since electronics giants like Samsung have stepped into the game. Nike as Cnet reports, seems have had a small number of layoffs from its already small team of 200 employees worldwide. Nike spokesman Brian Strong commented that the company’s digital priorities have evolved which is why they felt the need to reduce their team size.

Jim Duffy, a Nike analyst put this whole situation in the simplest way possible, "Apple is in the hardware business. Nike is in the sneaker business. I don't think Apple sees Nike as competitive. It's likely that an Apple hardware offering would be supportive of the Nike software,” This simply mean that Nike’s board came up with the conclusion that they would not need to focus on hardware but simply build an api (software which Nike would be releasing soon)to run on multiple platforms using data from a number of supported smartwatches.

As the report goes Nike will continue with its FuelBand SE and come out with some slimmer variants; but that will most probably be the last of it.

If you ask us, it makes more sense as the smartwatch competition is growing. Google’s Android Wear OS which is coming soon; will make smartwatches even more compatible with a number of Android phones, which may come with built-in support in the next Android update.

Samsung’s FuelBand-like Gear Fit seems to replicate most of the core features and is even available in more markets than the Nike’s offering. Moreover, Samsung’s Gear Fit works on wide range of Samsung devices, available in varied market segments which makes more sense for consumers these days.

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