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Rick Osterloh To Lead Motorola Mobility Into The Lenovo-era

Don't expect a massive turnaround in the way the company functions, just expect it to become profitable.


It's a time of much change at Motorola, and following the plans of acquisition by Lenovo, the company is going in for a top level management re-jig. Motorola Mobility has just announced that Rick Osterloh, a company veteran, will take over as President and COO effective immediately, replacing outgoing leader Jonathan Rosenberg.


As Rosenberg put it, Ostreloh will provide the "business continuity" which Motorola needs right now – the man who led product development at the company before taking the top-spot. While all eyes were on ex-CEO Dennis Woodside who is known as the face of the Google-era Motorola, Osterloh can take some credit for rolling out products like the Moto X and Moto 360.


Originally it was Ostreloh who introduced Motorola to Android, having created the teams that gave us the Cliq and many Droids. There isn't much to go on that is suggestive of the new President changing the present strategy of the company, or mixing things up in the future. Befor Motorola, Ostreloh led project management at Skype, and a similar role at Good Technologies, the former owners of Motorola.


Moreover, news of Ostreloh becoming the President of Motorola only indicates that the company is content with how its recent products have panned out. While there will definitely be a change in strategy to make the company profitable once again, we don't expect it to get in the way of the more product focused nature Motorola has taken on recently.


With the success of its Moto G, it wouldn't be surprising to see Lenovo push for more similar products, probably in different smartphone segments. In the short term Motorola will most likely remain to be a company that provides compelling design on the hardware front, while using the prowess of Android albeit a few party tricks of its own.

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