Researchers Find Ways To Tell If A Photo Will Go Viral On Facebook

Unfortunately they still don't know what exactly makes a photo go viral. For now our safest bet remains Cats.


Isn't it all we want these days? – A photograph that we've snapped to go viral on social media. Well, researchers at Stanford University have identified some indicators to predict which photos on Facebook will go viral.


No, it's not just upto how cute the cat in the photograph you've shared is, but depends on the speed with which the photo is being shared and the friendship networks and fan groups it is being shared on.


The researchers analysed 150,000 Facebook photographs that had been shared at least five times and achieved 80 per cent accuracy in predicting if a photograph would double its shares.


Despite predicting quite accurately if a photo would go viral or not on Facebook, the group has not been able to pinpoint on what exactly makes a photo go viral. In the end it mostly comes down to the context, along with the groups and people the photo is being shared by.


“Even if you have the best cat picture ever, it could work for your network, but not for my boring academic friends,” said Jure Leskovec, assistant professor of computer science, to the Stanford News Service. “You have to understand your network.”


In the end the study does not tell us what good content is, but does hint at ways we can share content to make it go viral. Moreover it could be an ideal tool to gauge the success of a campaign, learning from the initial response as to what is working and how it could be changed.

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