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NVIDIA Launches GPU Computing Group

The first forum that helps Indian users with GPU and HPC related queries.


NVIDIA has announced the launch of an online platform to help GPU and High Performance Computing (HPC) users, the first of its kind in India. The press release states that this special interest group is similar to a forum, where users with varying experience and fields of expertise such as academicians, scientists, researchers, device manufacturers, system integrators, and even general users with little experience can share their ideas. Hosted on Meetup.com, this group will provide a platform to discuss trends in the field and the latest developments, and also help each other solve issues related to GPU hardware. The good thing is that the discussion has not been restricted to just the NVIDIA brand.

The company will provide support in the form of a core group of academicians to lead and moderate discussions. Users can access various research papers, case studies, and posts on the latest in the field regardless of the vendor. Group chats and web conferences will also be available, with NVIDIA hosting periodic live talks with industry experts to keep the users updated.

NVIDIA Managing Director South Asia, Vishal Dhupar said, "GPU computing is becoming increasingly relevant in our lives today. Everyone from gaming enthusiasts, to college students, working professionals to researchers and scientists can apply the GPU to enable better graphics and faster computing. NVIDIA will lead and facilitate the pioneering HPC and GPU Computing Group with an aim to establish a strong connect among GPU computing users and spread GPU computing awareness in India. We hope to make the GPU synonymous with computing and build a strong interconnected community of GPU users in India".

Currently there are four different programs in India to engage with academia, and the company plans to facilitate this group as an extension of the former. NVIDIA has 18 CUDA Teaching Centres, 1 CUDA Research Centre, and 66 academic partnership programs with various universities and professors in India. The GPU Computing group can be accessed and joined here.

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