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18K BlackBerry Z10 Back In Stock, Will Keep The Price Tag

BlackBerry claims the Anniversary special promotion led to a sell-out within a week.


We loved the BlackBerry Z10 when it was launched in January last year. The phone had all the bells and whistles to impress any BlackBerry fan, but simply came with an unexpectedly high price tag. The phone went on sale for Rs 43,490 which meant sales never really kicked off. A few months later BlackBerry slashed the price of the phone to Rs 29,990 but even that failed to turn things around.

The problem was that BlackBerry’s future looked too bleak back then. Smartphone owners had much better options with Android and iOS, offering hardware that was leagues ahead. More importantly, there was WhatsApp which could work from any platform.

Things are better now, with BlackBerry getting a lot of important apps sourced from the Android market. So games like Real Racing 3 are now available for the BlackBerry 10 OS, whereas such a game has not even made it to Windows Phone Store just yet.

So it definitely makes sense to get a flagship quality device even though the hardware seems to be more mid-range than flagship. At Rs 17,990 we are sure these Z10s will eventually find more buyers; since you get the refreshing BlackBerry OS and a majority of the apps running smoothly at a mid-range price tag.

If you are interested in a shiny new BlackBerry Z10, you will have to grab one as quickly as possible. This is because BlackBerry plans to sell the Z10 at this price only till stocks last

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