Too Lazy To Print Your Photographs? There's An App For It

You can now snap and print photographs, straight from your smartphone.


They live among us! We are referring to those who click a lot of photographs on the vacation, but never actually print them out of lethargy. This is where 'Photo Prints' by Zoomin comes to the rescue. It's a smartphone app that makes it simple to print photos and have them delivered right at your doorstep. In fact, you start the photo printing process while on the vacation, and receive the printed copies by the time you get back home.

The process is fairly simple to use. You just need to follow these instructions:

  1. Click photographs using your smartphone (ok, that's obvious).
  2. Open the 'Photo Prints' app and select the photos you want to get printed.
  3. Select the quality and size of the prints.
  4. Get the transaction done (there are plenty of payment options).
  5. The photographs get delivered within two working days.

We think this process surely beats:

  1. Finding a photo studio, after that tiring vacation.
  2. Giving instructions to those annoying guys at the desk.
  3. Wait for those photos to get printed.
  4. Visit the place again to pick up the printed photographs after a few days.

Once you're back to the daily grind after the vacations, we're sure that most of us would not make it past step one. So if you ever plan on creating the good old photo albums, grab this app. It is currently available for Android and Windows Phone devices. Sounds strange, but the iOS app is in the works.

Download Links:

Click here for Android;
Click here for Windows Phone.

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