New HTC One Forgets That It Hasn't been Launched Yet |

New HTC One Forgets That It Hasn't been Launched Yet

A day before its official launch, HTC's upcoming flagship gets an extensive video review treatment.


While HTC is gearing up to showcase its latest creation (probably called the new One), yet another leak has sprung up online. Well, not your everyday leak, you can actually call it an in-depth video review.

Posted by a German blogger, the video demonstrated almost every aspect of the much-awaited phone. Yes, including the dual-camera unit. The blogger has covered the camera features quite thoroughly. Now it's almost confirmed that the camera setup will be comprised of a 4 megapixel (UltraPixel as HTC likes to call it) camera coupled with a 2 MP unit. This companion module will be used for calculating the depth of a photograph. Even if this sounds gimmicky, the video shows that it works well.

The focus changing software also looks impressive and easy-to-use. More importantly, the camera interface seems to have matured greatly. Another feature worth mentioning is the 3D photo mode — it lets you create a fun parallax effect which can be played around by tilting the phone.

With less than a day to go, we hope that HTC will manage to put up a great show despite this barrage of online leaks. Till, then check out the video embedded below.

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