Download: RockMelt Beta 5

A refreshing change to your social networking experience.


RockMelt has released the latest beta version of its social web browser. The Beta 5 release features a new Social Omnibox design said to improve the social experience. When you load the browser, you can directly sign into your Facebook account. As opposed to three chat boxes, the new design lets you chat with up to seven of your online Facebook friends at once. Moreover, you can also view your friends' FB Timelines directly using this feature. The New Tab Page layout gives you instant access to your friends' profiles. The Social Reading ticker located at the top right corner of the browser connects directly to your FB News Feeds. The browser also features an App Edge with 12 listed apps, you can add more apps from the App Center.

RockMelt is based on Google's Chrome browser, and has been built using the Chromium open-source project. Since this is a beta release, more apps and bug fixes should be underway.

Developer: RockMelt Inc
Size: Variable (web installer)
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Windows


Download: RockMelt Beta 5


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