Massive Update "Racing" Towards Real Racing 3 |

Massive Update "Racing" Towards Real Racing 3

Will bring new cars and customisation options.


EA Swiss Sarl, has announced a massive update for its insanely-popular racing simulation game Real Racing 3. The new update brings in new cars and customisation options.

The customisation options will be quite elaborate — you will be able to rims too. Thanks to a photo mode, you share your creations with friends. Another add-on in this update, is the inclusion of Aston Martin cars. There are no details yet as to which vehicles will be included in the update, but we sure are excited.

For those not in the know, Real Racing 3 has over 2.5 million active users playing the game daily. Available on iOS and Android, the game gets updated on timely basis. It has a striking similarity with console simulators like Gran Tourismo and Forza franchises and even offers console-grade graphics on high-end smartphones. Not convinced? Check out the trailer below:

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