LG, Lenovo, LAVA, And Karbonn Join The Windows Phone Party

Microsoft has now partnered seven out of 10 global handset makers.


Big day for Windows Phone platform, as nine new companies have partnered Microsoft to manufacturer Windows Phone smartphones. The list includes biggies such as LG and Lenovo. Apart from that, mass-market brands from India and China including LAVA (XOLO), Karbonn, ZTE, Gionee, Foxconn will also join the party. This can be a quite a big boost for the Windows Phone platform, which is led by Nokia. HTC and Samsung too release a WP device once in a year, but their focus remains on Android.

Getting seven out of the top 10 global OEMs on board is definitely a great news for WP platform. However, now Microsoft has to make sure that unlike Samsung these companies actually committed to the platform.
During the event, Joe Belfiore, responsible for Windows Phone design and its future revealed some interesting numbers. Citing data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, he claimed that WP has got more than 10% share across Europe. The app count has reached over 240,000 apps, and 500 apps are being added each day. These numbers are still nowhere near Android and iOS repositories. Still, it’s good to know that Microsoft’s platform is fast catching up in the app race.

Microsoft has asked us to stay tuned. Seems like they have more to announce on Mobile World Congress day 2.

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