Rumour: HTC To Manufacture The Next Nexus Tablet

Let's hope the Taiwanese brand has learned from its mistakes in past.


HTC was the first company to come out with Google’s Nexus range of devices. But, somehow that also turned out to be their last device directly associated with Google. Today, HTC is known for its build-quality and custom Sense interface (which has now reached version 5.0).

HTC’s past with tablets however hasn't been good. The Flyer launched in April 2011 and the HTC Jetstream launched a couple of months later, did not make waves in the tablet market. Their failure as tablets could be attributed to their high prices compared to Motorola made devices running stock versions of Honeycomb.

Now a rumour has it that the struggling Taiwanese cell phone maker has just won a contract with Google to produce the next Nexus tablet. This comes about as an absolute contrast to the HTC’s premium pricing of its product line, which never comes close to the Nexus product range. So pulling a Nexus priced HTC Tablet would prove to be quite a challenge for the Taiwanese company.

Sources also say that the final product should start shipping by the third quarter of 2014 and that the next version of the Nexus 10 may also be produced by them. Let’s hope we get to see some of HTC’s current design strategy and team involved in the production process. If that goes as planned, expect to see a svelte block of aluminium without any cheap plastic bits as compared to their Korean counterparts.

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