Paper: A Must-Have Facebook App For iOS |

Paper: A Must-Have Facebook App For iOS

There's a workaround to download this US exclusive app.


Facebook has been acquiring start-ups and other companies and making use of their acquisitions by adding new advanced features to their existing services. Facebook Home (released worldwide) was one such attempt pushing Facebook as platform beyond an app and directly onto one’s lock screen via the Cover Feed feature. It was not successful since day one, but over timely updates and releases, it seems to have found a home as a launcher app of choice for many Facebook lovers. Facebook’s second attempt, was pushing Messenger as a separate app with its own distinguishable design which turned out to be an immediate success.

With Paper, things change by leaps and bounds as the focus shifts more towards a news aggregator which taps into the news of your choice along with Facebook feeds. The app falls more in the line of news aggregators like Flipboard; just that in Flipboard’s case, Facebook integration is minimal at the most with just the ability to Like and Comment on posts.

Using the app is easy, you simply select the News Feeds depending on topics that interest you and they show up right there on the screen in the most presentable manner possible.

What makes it so easy and different is the UI, which is partly thanks to Creative Labs—the company that Facebook recently acquired. There are horizontal and vertical swipes with eye-candy transitions that make reading even the most mundane Facebook feeds fun.

Odd thing is that the app is available only for iOS and more importantly country-locked to the US. What you could do is change your location on your iPhone. You can do this by doing the following:

  1. Open the App Store on your iDevice
  2. Scroll down to the featured section and tap on your Apple ID
  3. Upon entering your password you will view and edit the country you selected when you made the account
  4. Simply select US instead if the current selection and then change the payment method to “None” and then tap on next
  5. Upon downloading the app, you can follow the above steps again and change the country back to the earlier setting along with the Payment Type.

Developer: Facebook, Inc.
Price: Free
Platform: iOS
File Size: 56.6 MB

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