HTC Prepping To Launch A Wearable Device In 2014

After Samsung and Sony, it's time for the Tawanese phone-maker to try its luck in this nascent category.


Wearable tech is the talk of the town these days. After Sony and Samsung, tech-giant Apple is already rumoured to be working on its smartwatch. Now, according to a report from Bloomberg, Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC wants its share of the pie as well.

It’s not been a good year for them with the company barely making any praiseworthy profits but CFO Chang Chialin says that the company is “positive and optimistic about 2014 when compared to 2013.”

Wearable tech is going to be big next year, since its appearing all over the place this year; albeit still in its nascent stages. This is why HTC plans to release at least one device that falls in this category and build a brand image as company that is innovating in all the facets of the mobile industry. While speaking to the financial times in October last year, the CEO Peter Chou said "(A smartwatch) has to meet a need, otherwise it’s just a gimmick or concept,". And that HTC would release a device only if it fit in into people’s day-to-day lives of their mobile device users.

Whether it will be a watch or pair of futuristic looking glasses, we only hope that Robert Downey Jr. is part of the campaign to make them look smashing!

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