BlackBerry Rolls Out OS 10.2.1 Update For Z10, Q10, And Q5 |

BlackBerry Rolls Out OS 10.2.1 Update For Z10, Q10, And Q5

The new software brings in a plethora of usability refinements.


After being out of action for a while, BlackBerry has started its year by rolling out software update for its BB10 OS. The new 10.2.1 software includes many add-ons and interface refinements that BlackBerry fans have been waiting for. The update will enable FM radio on BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Q10, and BlackBerry Q5. Some of the other improvements worth mentioning have been listed in the official changelog below:

SMS and Email Groups
ou can now create SMS and email groups for more efficient broadcast communications.

Actionable Lock Screen Notifications
You can now “Tap to open” a message that appears on the lock screen, letting you respond to an important message much quicker or to check messages more discreetly.

Picture Password for Quick Unlocking
You can quickly unlock your phone using a combination of a picture and a number (0-9) of your choice, which you place at a particular point on the image. When you try to unlock the phone, the picture will appear along with a grid of random numbers. To unlock, simply drag the grid so the number you selected overlays the particular point on the image.

Customisable Quick Settings Menu
You can now customise what appears on the Settings menu, which includes features such as being able to quickly change the Brightness of the smartphone’s display, toggle various network connections, and access the built-in flashlight. The Settings menu also includes a toggle that lets you instantly switch between your Personal and Work perimeter.

Offline Browser Reading Mode
You can now save the current web page you’re on for later viewing, even if you are offline or without an Internet connection.

Device and Battery Monitor
The improved device monitor provides you with essential details on battery usage, the impact of installed apps on battery life and memory usage and storage, as well as CPU stats.

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