Rogue Satellite To Fall Today!

However, a mobile app can save unlucky people from the UARS.


The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is going to crash to Earth today. As reported earlier, 26 pieces of the satellite are expected to survive re-entry and fall onto the surface. If this news happens to worry you, the Satellite AR (Augmented Reality) app for Android is your survival kit.

The Satellite AR app allows users to track satellites in real-time. This is achieved by using the phone's GPS and compass. The yellow line on the AR display shows the projected path of the satellites and can be used to track the UARS projectile.

North Americans need not worry though, as the continent has been declared safe by NASA. Others can get hold of the Satellite AR app by clicking this link.

For those unable to use the app for want of a smartphone: if you've been holding off on that party, now would be a good time to call your friends and head to the nearest dance bar.

Rogue Satellite To Fall Toady!

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