Download: Read Kalki Magazines Online (iPad) |

Download: Read Kalki Magazines Online (iPad)

This is total “Kult-ki”


Kalki magazines are now available online via iPad for consumption. This basically gives you access to the entire catalogue of Kalki mags for free as well as paid versions. The KALKI app allows you to create a Kalki account through which you can subscribe, renew, change settings and update your subscription. It also provides in app purchases for various Kalki group of magazines like Mangayar Malar, Gokulam to name a few. The updated version of the app contains Publication support and is optimized for iOS 7.

If you were here for Kalki the ‘cute’ actress or think these magazines just have a “lot of jilebi’s” in it then you certainly aren’t the right audience for this :P

Publisher: Kalki Group
Price: Free
Size: 7 MB
Platform: iPad

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