How About A Projector In Ultra-Low Budget Of Rs 8000? |

How About A Projector In Ultra-Low Budget Of Rs 8000?

Zync forays into home entertainment with budget projector.


Who says you can’t have home theatre experience on the cheap? And when we mean cheap, we really mean cheap. How cheap? Rs 8000 only.

What do you get for that price?
Sounding more like a hoax, the projector brings a host of connectivity options such as HDMI interface, from Blu-ray, DVD or AV-R player and set-top boxes. That’s a hell lot of connectivity options for a projector that can project at a native resolution of just 320 x 240; that’s VCD quality! Hell, even my phone can display better than this projector.

Zync P 100 comes with built-in speakers, “Powerful 20,000 hours LED lamp”, 32 Lumens and an image size of up to 20 to 60 Inches with a 1024 x 768 resolution support.

For those still interested in this, check out the specs below:
Native Resolution: 320 x 240
Supported resolution: 1024 x 768
Lamp: LED
Lens: F=125
Image size: 20-60 Inches
Projection distance: 1.25-4.0 m

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