Faxtel Offers Discounts On Its Gaming-Oriented SteelSeries Products In India

Grab it till the offer lasts.


Gamer’s rejoice, Faxtel India is offering discounts on all SteelSeries products in India. Who’s Faxtel you ask? No, they aren’t fly-by-night operators, but are distributors of many brands including SteelSeries products.

Strangely Faxtel is a bit mum about how much discount they are offering this December, just stating that discounts are big and on all the products in the SteelSeries range. Surprisingly, the Mumbai office isn't aware of their own sale but said yes 10% to 25% discount they offer. Apparently, these deals will not be available in retail or online stores, you can avail of it only from Faxtel offices situated in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. However, Faxtel promises to deliver the products anywhere with an additional cost of upto Rs 200, as reported by IGN India. Faxtel can be contacted here.

Products eligible for the discount are:

- Cord Holder.
- Mouse Grip.
- Steelseries Keyset-Shift for Cat.
- SteelSeries Racing Wheel Sim Raceway.

- Siberia V2 Fullsize Headset (Apple device compatible)- 7H Headset (Apple device compatible).
- SS Siberia Full-size USB Headset (White).
- SS Siberia V2 F/s HS Black/gold.
- SS V2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Headset.
- 5H V2 Headset.
- 5H V2 USB HS.
- SS Flux Headset Black.
- Flux Headset White.

- Steel Series Z Board.
- Steel Series World of Warcraft Key Board.
- SS Z Board Ltd. Edition (WoW: Wrath of Litch King Keyset).

- SS Sensei Raw Guild Wars 2 Logo Edition.
- Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Edition.
- SS Legendary MMO Gaming Mouse.
- Call of Duty: Black OPS II Gaming Mouse.

Hard-surface mouse pads:
- SS Experience L-1 (Transparent).
- SS Experience L-1 (Black).
- EXNP I-2 Black.

Soft-surface mouse pads:
- S&S.
- Steel Series 9 HD Mouse Pad.
- Qck (WoW: Wrath of the Litch King).
- SS SP.
- Iron Lady QCK (Pink).

Mouse + Surfaces bundles:
- Iron Lady White Bundle.
- Steel Series Ironlady Pink Bundle.

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