Vodka Now Helps You Communicate |

Vodka Now Helps You Communicate

Researchers create a new inexpensive way to send messages using alcohol.


Well, you ideally shouldn’t text or call anyone when you have had a bit too much alcohol in your system. But what if you're not high, and have nothing but alcohol and need to communicate with someone? Then you use it to send SMSes instead, if the English scientists are to be believed. A group of scientists in Canada and the UK have managed to send out a "generic message a few metres through open space" with the help of some Vodka, as reported by Researchers say that the setup is inexpensive too, the equipment used here are all “off-the-shelf” materials worth less than $100.

The scientists managed to send a short range message which read "O, Canada" with the help of evaporated vodka. Perfect for transmitting message with no wireless or radio signals, as incredible as it is for molecular technology, this will give you a good excuse for carrying vodka everywhere you go!

Ars Technica further adds: "The authors of the paper, published Thursday, used specific concentration levels of the vodka to represent bits 1 and 0. They wafted the “message” across 12 feet in the lab to the receiving unit, which read out the message as it detected the concentration of vodka in the air rising or falling over time".

Check out the official press release here. And see how the setup works in the video below:

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