Sony Launches PS4 In India; Priced At Rs 40,000 |

Sony Launches PS4 In India; Priced At Rs 40,000

Eight third-party games will be available on launch for anywhere between Rs 2500 and Rs 4500.


Just a month after its international debut, Sony has launched the PlayStation 4 in India. Mind you, the console will only be available for sale across the country from 6th January onwards. This should give the PS4 a tremendous head start in India over the rival Xbox One, which is speculated to launch much later in the next year.

The console has been priced at Rs 40,000, which is quite a premium over the international price. That's approximately $250 over its $400 US MRP, if you factor in the current exchange rate. The 60% premium means that Sony PlayStation India doesn't seem to have absorbed any of the import duties and taxes associated with importing the console.

The pricing strategy is interesting; especially considering the fact that the both the Xbox One and the PS3 are based on existing AMD X86 architecture. The R&D costs evidently aren't the in the same league as that evident in the PS3, which employed the bespoke (and incredibly powerful, for its time) Cell Processor.

My guess is that Sony has learned its lesson after losing money hand over fist on the PS3, and it might actually make a profit from hardware sales this time around, in India at least. However, that is something we won't know until someone conducts a Billing-of-Materials analysis on the console. Edit: Apparently, it's already been done. With an estimated manufacturing cost of $381, the primary business model still remains software then.

In the meantime, PS Plus members will have access to SCE's Resogun and Contrast from Compulsion Games for free as part of Instant Game Collection. Yet another game, DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition, will be added to that list in early 2014. The day one third-party launch titles include Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Need for Speed Rivals, and NBA LIVE 14.  There are Indie games as well, represented by Warframe and Super Motherload.

The games will cost anywhere between Rs 2500 and Rs 4500. Sony has launched Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall today for Rs 4000 as well. As far as accessories are concerned, an additional controller has been priced at Rs 5000, whereas the camera costs the same as well.

Being an early adopter, then, won't be cheap with the PS4. Are you willing to pay a 60% premium over the US price to own the console, or will you instead get your favourite NRI uncle to send you one? Do let us know in the comments.

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