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ICICI's Pockets App Lets You Share Money With Friends Via Facebook

The bank promises safe, and easy transactions through your social network.


If you are a Facebook addict, and are perennially broke (or the banker kinds, as the case may be) and wouldn’t mind mixing the two together, then ICICI's new FB app can be quite useful. Dubbed as Pockets by ICICI, this Facebook app lets you link your debit card to your FB profile to let you borrow/lend money with your friends, recharge your prepaid mobile connection, and buy movie tickets among other banking transactions. So this effectively makes is good even for those who don’t have an active Internet banking account.

The most interesting feature is the Split And Share. It lets you create events, add friends, split funds, and keep track of who owes how much. Better than playing Munimji, or keeping tedious accounts in that little diary of yours.

As far as privacy is concerned ICICI promises there is nothing to fear. The security section on the apps listing page says that data as saved on ICICI servers, and not shared with FB. Also, every transaction you initiate will generate an OTP (One Time Password) that comes to your registered mobile number for added verification. Check out the listing page for more details.

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