Game For Smart Bras And Shreddies Fart-Filtering Underwear? |

Game For Smart Bras And Shreddies Fart-Filtering Underwear?

This is Technology of our times.


A wise man said, “If you look for solutions outside for your troubles inside, you are looking at it the wrong way”. The saying holds true for eternity, and even more so when you see crazy tech like smart bras and fart-filtering underwear. What will they think next? Pre-chewed food for the masses?

Microsoft seems to be going booby all over their new invention, Microsoft Smart Bras. I can almost imagine the product line up —
Microsoft Smart Bra Starter Edition – For teens beginning on their journey
Microsoft Smart Bra Professional Edition – For those into weird professions
Microsoft Smart Bra Ultimate Edition – For Denise Milani

What’s the real purpose?
Jokes aside, the bra has a real purpose. It is meant for women (and men, in some cases) to monitor heart activity to track emotional moods and combat overeating. The sensor’s inside can signal the smartphone via an app and flash a warning message to help stay away from the fridge (by an electric shock) and make better diet decisions. I’m no expert, but these women actually need psychiatric help more than technological help. In any case, advancements in technology are always welcome. Read more here.

Farty Smarty
Talking about silly tech, this one takes the cake. If you are the kind of male who loves to have pots of chicken, fries, and litres of beer but unfortunately ends up being the bane of others nasal cavities. Don’t worry brother, technology comes to the rescue!

“The Ultimate Flatulence Filtering Underwear” is here, called Shreddies. Something that could've only come out of Britain but not to be confused with the same Shreddies breakfast cereal which ironically is responsible for many morning flatulence issues among males. I quote from their site “Shreddies odour-controlling underwear is manufactured with love in the UK. Using the best materials to ensure the highest standards. Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear are a proven medical solution to flatulence, whatever its causes”. Epic!

We being typical Indian males, we won’t bother wasting our money on fart preventing underwear, we just spiritually let go (a.k.a Vairagya), and give weird stares to people sitting next to us. If you are thinking “I’m Indian and that isn’t true”, I challenge you to travel in the Mumbai Local trains with me.

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