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Politicians Beware, The Common Man Is Watching

Aam Aadmi Party workers install spy-cams to keep an eye on vote buying.


This has to happen only in India. As we gear up for the election season, political parties try every stunt in the book to woo voters to cast votes in their favour right under the nose of our Election Commission (EC). That is when the inevitable happens. Arvind Kejriwal's newly-convened Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has taken it upon itself to keep a check on buying votes, ahead of its maiden poll venture at the Delhi Assembly. As reports suggest, the party, in a bid to counter any "vote buying ", has installed 2000 "high resolution spy cameras in and around slums of Delhi", to keep a tab on "distribution of cash and liquor".

That said, the party has tasted first blood, as party volunteers with the help of locals caught a bunch of people handing out liquor bottles at night in Badli village. Apart from educating these "naive" voters to not fall for such dangling carrots, the party will soon be submitting the recorded evidence to the EC, along with an official compliant.

"We will neither buy votes using money and liquor, nor will we allow others to do so", Kejriwal added. The way the new party is conducting itself has been impressive, but only time will tell how far they will go. For now, you can keep up with all the election-based news here.

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