Google Now Lets You Embed Maps On Webpages |

Google Now Lets You Embed Maps On Webpages

Will start showing ads soon too.


Google rehashed its mapping service a while ago, making it interactive. With the new Maps, you can see terrain information and traffic status. Now, Google has added a new feature that lets you embed maps on your site as well. Similar to what we've seen with YouTube and Twitter, just head over to the site, and click the gear icon on the bottom right and hit the embed option. Copy the iframe code and paste it in the HTML editor of your site, and you are good to go.

The only catch is that users will have to sign in using their Google account credentials to view the map details, such as saved places. The service is "free of usage limits, so you don’t have to worry about quotas", Google adds on its official blog.

Google also hinted at an advertising option via maps, wherein local businesses can get in touch with users, "similar to the ads you currently see in the new Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile". Until that happens, enjoy this new toy!

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