Firefox To Feature A New Streamlined, Rounded Look

Firefox 'Australis' now available in nightlies for download.


One thing I love about Firefox is the extendibility of it. It actually grows with you as your habits and usage change. The second best thing is that Firefox team is always innovating and improving their product.

This time the team (You are the best Mozilla!) is giving Firefox a new look, code named 'Australis', which represents "A streamlining and simplification of the basic browser interface".

The first change you'll notice is the rounded-rectangle look of the tabs, which many will jump saying "other browsers have done it before". Of course they have, and Firefox proudly learns from the best!

The browser does its best to get out of the way with more real estate for browsing and innovative tricks, such as contextual buttons to streamline. Some of these tricks have already been employed in the current version of Firefox. For instance the forward/backward button only appears when there is a need, and download button that turns into a progress bar when downloading a file.

You can download Australis nightly build here. In the meantime, do check out the video showing off the features.


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