Google Patents Tech That Could Make You Unsocial |

Google Patents Tech That Could Make You Unsocial

The new tech could take ‘Social’ out of Social Networking.


Love being "Social" on your social networks, but cannot keep up due to real life bothering you? Well, Google might have a way in the near future.

Google has filed a patented for a software that learns how you behave on social networks. The system auto generates suggestions for personalised reactions or messages. This is aimed at fighting social media over-load, or rather "I want to keep up with the Joneses" attitude.

While it is indeed great that companies are looking at ways to improve and automate mundane things for us, in this case it might just be counter-productive for user both from an individual standpoint and from a company’s perspective. After all social media came about for one primary purpose, to "connect" to real people across geographies and time zones. The key point being "Real People". For more details, read BBC's article on it.

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