Fans Hurl Eggs At Apple Store In China! |

Fans Hurl Eggs At Apple Store In China!

Crowd turned unruly as iPhone 4S launch gets cancelled over security concerns.


Hype has been one of the reasons behind Apple's tremendous success. However, it can backfire at times, and at the iPhone 4S Chinese launch, it actually did.

In a typical "fanapple" fashion, Chinese guys spent an entire night outside the Apple Store, battling Beijing's below-freezing temperature of - 9 degree C. If that wasn't unfortunate enough, the Apple staff decided not to open the store seeing larger than expected crowd. Little wonder then, these frustrated would-be customers started throwing eggs at the glistening glass-panels of the store. Finally, police had to disperse the crowd and cordon off the area. Reportedly, a few people were injured in the chaos.
In response, Apple has temporarily suspended the sales of iPhone 4S through its retail stores in mainland China. Nevertheless, the gadget will be available via Apple's online store and local carriers.


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