Faster Than The Titan: Asus ROG Launches The MARS 760 |

Faster Than The Titan: Asus ROG Launches The MARS 760

When small guys make a Titan fall.


The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan is truly a beast of a card. It is arguably the fastest GPU in the world. It is said that “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” and this is certainly true of the Titan.

Asus claims that a pair of mid-range MARS 760 GTX squeezed into one PCB design can take down the TITAN by a decent margin — “between 3DMark 11, and popular games such as Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, and Tomb Raider, the MARS 760 scores between 7% up to 39% faster than its Titan brethren”.

How’s that?
Considering GTX 760 are mid-rangers, how can two bow-men take down a Giant? Singularly, 760 cannot but when put together in a single design, they prove that “Two are better than one”. Asus ROG site explains, “The GTX 760 has 1,152 CUDA cores (each), which together gives it 2,304: this is Titan territory! Yet, with a GHz+ core clock, it’s even faster than Titan, and the 780 Ti in some games!”

What’s Are the Damages Like?
This is where it gets interesting, the cheapest GTX Titan costs Rs 66,000 upwards,  the GTX 780 – Rs 50,000 upwards, while the dual GPU MARS 760 cost under Rs 50,000. That’s a lot of money saved for other important hardware. Plus, it is a good looking card! For more details and photos, check out Asus ROG site.

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