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CES 2012: Justin Bieber Unveils A Robot

...Which seems more talented than the teen heartthrob.


What does it take to outshine every tech giant's booth at CES? The answer: Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber. The girly guy managed to attract a sea of people to the booth of a company that has been unheard of, until now. Bieber introduced the mRobo Ultra Bass, an entertainment robot manufactured by Vietnam-based Tosy Robotics JSC. The mRobo has an oddly-placed speaker and MP3 player with 2 GB of internal storage. This device not only plays songs, but also dances to its tunes.

The mRobo, dubbed as a "Bieber-bot" by the media, is expected to be released in summer. After his endorsement, Beliebers won't mind paying $200 (approx Rs 11,500) for this dancing robot.

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