CES 2012: Razer Unveils Gaming Tablet Concept

Packs in Ivy Bridge-based Core i7 CPU and dual controllers.


It's a serving tray... it's a laptop... it's a handheld console... no, it's Razer's gaming tablet concept! Dubbed Project Fiona, it fuses Intel's Ivy Bridge based Core i7 CPU and goodies such as SSD drives with Windows 8 to let it run contemporary PC games. The concept features the usual tablet bells and whistles, such as front and rear-facing cameras, accelerometer, gyro, and a 1280x800, 10.1" multi-touch screen.

However, what sets it apart from ordinary tablets is a pair of Razer Hydra-like controllers permanently bolted to its chassis. Each controller is replete with a thumbstick, index trigger, and face buttons. This gives it full functionality comparable to any console gamepad. Razer has plans to price the production version under $1000. Although there's no word on the GPU installed in the concept, the performance seems to be pretty healthy. Check out this video to see how it devours Warhammer 40000: Space Marine with consummate ease:

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