MapmyIndia Launches Version 8.1 Maps Of India

Comes with voice guidance is in 9 regional Indian languages alongside English.


MapmyIndia announced the launch of the country's localised maps, version 8.1 maps of India. These feature voice guidance in 9 regional Indian languages other than English. Version 8.1 offers expanded coverage of over 2 million kilometres of road network with advanced information such as multiple names, road classification one-ways, turn restrictions, divider, service lanes, round-abouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads, ramps, and much more. The company has also recently launched a suit of mobile apps that empowers user with tools such as navigation, tracking, and social media interface. Top-selling car models have introduced MapmyIndia navigation as part of their offering.

Even leading mobile phone manufacturers including Blackberry, Nokia, and Samsung are offering MapmyIndia maps pre-loaded on their handsets for free to the users on their app store. The version 8.1 MapmyIndia maps continue to provide best-in-class full 3D coverage of India, with digital elevation models and terrain across India.

Customers can buy MapmyIndia’s GPS navigation systems, download applications, and update the maps to version 8.1 in their existing navigation systems via MapmyIndia’s online store.

Key features:

  • Voice guidance in 9 regional Indian languages.
  • Maps for 10 cities in Hindi (which displays the map in Hindi language).
  • House/Building level navigation for 52 cities.
  • 3-D landmarks and 2-D building foot prints across 66 cities.
  • Live traffic view.
  • Junction views for easy navigation at complex junctions.
  • Geopix images.
  • Text- to-speech.
  • Visual & Audible lane guidance.
  • Audible sign post.
  • Speed limit warning.
  • Ferry Guidance available.

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