Sony May Ban Resale, Renting of PlayStation Games

Changes to its Software Usage Terms document disallowing resale and renting comes as a shock.


Like they say, don't trust politicians and console makers. Not long before PS4 launch, Sony seems to have reneged on its promise to avoid being evil in terms of DRM and game sharing policies. The Japanese electronics giant has conveniently modified its Software Usage Terms to outlaw resale and renting of PS4 games without express permission from Sony or the publisher, in case the game isn't published by Sony.

This news comes as a shock since Sony had touted, through a marketing campaign no less, about how nice they are for letting gamers share PS4 games. This came in the wake of public furore against Microsoft for its DRM restrictions that prevent resale and renting of Xbox One games. It's ironic that Sony chose to enforce the same restrictions after Microsoft had reversed its DRM policies. noted how the previous version of Sony's legal document didn't have a clause banning resale and lending of videogame software. However recent changes applied to both PS3 and the upcoming PS4 consoles have introduced a clause prohibiting the same. This is in odds with Sony's earlier claim of allowing gamers to share and resell games.

The company hasn't released an official statement on the matter, but let's just hope this doesn't spur Microsoft to revert to its original restrictive policy. What needs to be seen is if all the people who hailed Sony for being the good guy earlier will reconsider their decision of choosing PS4 over the Xbox One.

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