AOC Launches The India’s Smallest And Cheapest Full HD 3D TV |

AOC Launches The India’s Smallest And Cheapest Full HD 3D TV

Big features in a small package.


Have you kept away from 3D TV’s just because of the price? Well no more, as AOC feels your pain and has introduced not only the smallest, but also the cheapest Full HD (1080p) 3D TV, just shy of Rs 20,000.

Unbelievably AOC has also included several freebies on purchase of the AOC 23” HD 3D LED TV. These include:
- Four 3D GLASSES.
- One 3D Movie in USB.
- Wall Mount & Installation.
- 3 Years warranty.

Apparently, the TV is packed with USB, HDMI, and VGA ports and comes with direct 3D key on the remote to convert 2D content into 3D (which never is truly immersive), Dream Surround Sound that simulates surround sound, and Real Colour Engine technology that aims to produces true and natural colours.

Unbelievable, you bet! More so as we really wonder about the quality of the panel and the fact that Full HD is really overkill on a 23", but then again it does have 3D shoved into it. We'd love to get our hands on to this weird anomaly.

Oh, and Soha Ali Khan is the brand ambassador for the India’s Smallest 3D TV; let’s just hope it isn’t a metaphor of her 5.2 foot height and acting talent.

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