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LG Launches 55" And 65" Ultra HD TVs In India

Priced at Rs 3.3 lakhs and onwards, the 4K TVs incorporate mechanically sliding speakers, replete with soundbars and subwoofers.


LG has finally brought it's Ultra HD TVs to the party in India. The top end of it's portfolio has received two new entrants the 55" and 65" UHD TVs. By that, I mean first affordable UHD TV, because the Korean electronics giant already has a 84" 4K UHD TV for a whopping 17 lakh rupees. The two new UHD models the 65LA9700 and 55LA9700 are priced much more modestly at Rs 4,50,000 and Rs 3,30,000, respectively.

"When we first unveiled our 84-inch ULTRA HD TV the reception we received was phenomenal", said Soon Kwon, MD- LG India. If Soon is right, that means we have a lot of very rich people willing to spend 17 big ones on a TV set. He further adds, "The ULTRA HD TV format is here to stay and with the new sizes offering NANO FULL LED backlighting and our proprietary Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, these models are in a class of their own". At those prices, the newly introduced 4K TVs are affordable enough — relatively, of course — for early adopters to consider investing.

The lack of any 4K content is a major issue for those seeking to get any value out of their sizeable investment. LG does incorporate its proprietary UHD upscaler that, well, up-scales any video format into near-ULTRA HD picture quality. Not the real deal, but it's the best you can have at the moment. Apart from the 4K pixels, the TVs come with LG's Nano FULL LED backlighting. According to the manufacturer, this enhances illumination control and improves contrast and provides consistent brightness across the entire breadth of the screen. The IPS Panel allows LG’s UHD TVs to be viewed from almost any position in the room, without having to worry about colour distortion or loss of visual detail. Having tested enough LG IPS panels, this I can vouch for.

The TV additionally includes FPR 3D technology that's touted to reduce crosstalk and flicker in 3D images. LG employs passive 3D glasses that are lightweight and don't require batteries. The dual-play allows two players to see only their perspectives simultaneously on the full screen at once without having to split the screen. This comes in handy for split screen gaming. Furthermore, the embedded 2D to 3D conversion engine makes it possible to convert any 2D show to 3D, thus making 3D content practically limitless.

The UHD TVs come with virtual surround plus feature, which is a 4.1 channel, 50W sound system that includes what's dubbed as the Sliding Speaker. The hidden sound bar boasts four forward-facing speakers. Additionally, the new TVs house a subwoofer behind the screen. The Sliding Speaker can be programmed to remain permanently hidden or permanently extended. Alternatively, it can be set to silently slide out when the TV is turned on, and retract when powered off.

The UHD TVs also include LG’s Smart TV platform. This includes the usual array of apps and LGs own smart TV UI. The Magic Remote provides natural language recognition, point, wheel, and gesture controls as well. The Now On feature recommends content based on the user’s viewing habits. The TVs also feature wireless connectivity options, such as WiDi and Miracast for convenient screen mirroring, and LG’s NFC-based Tag On for convenient device pairing. The Time Machine feature enables recording of live television.

The 55" and 65" LA9700 Ultra HD TVs are available across LG best shops as of the first week of Oct 2013.

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