Download: Google Chrome 17.0.963.26 Beta

Latest version of the browser will focus on speed and security.


Google has released the Beta version of its Chrome browser, focusing mainly on browsing speed and online security. To make web surfing faster, Google's Software Engineer Dominic Hamon has posted, "Chrome will now start loading some web pages in the background, even before you've finished typing the URL in the omnibox. If the URL auto-completes to a site you're very likely to visit, Chrome will begin to pre-render the page"

As for security, Chrome's Safe Browsing technology will now not focus on malicious websites alone, but also analyse executable files. However, since the browser is still in the testing phase, watch out for bugs and patches.

Developer: Google
Version:  17.0.963.26
Size: Variable (web installer)
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Windows


Download: Google Chrome 17.0.963.26 Beta

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