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Split — A PMP That Works As You Grit Your Teeth

No need to detangle cables to listen to your favourite music.


If you struggle with IEMs that tangle all the time, this might excite you a bit. A new wireless PMP named Split made up of two untethered earphones by a company named Greenwing Audio has just been listed on Kickstarter.com. The magnetic ear pods have to be separated to power up the device. It has no external ports, no connecting wires, or too many button controls. You control it by slightly gritting your teeth — one grit to switch songs, two to toggle volume (high, medium, or low).

The right pod sports a lock mechanism so that you don’t activate controls accidently; all you need to do is tap it gently. It can stock up to 24 songs with 4 hours of battery life at once and you can add songs or charge the device via a PC using a special USB cable. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details. As the projects battle's hard to get the required funding to go into mass production, watch the video below to see what it can do for you:

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