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Apple's iPhone 5S Doesn't Store Fingerprints & Doesn't Like Sweat

Apple clarifies the workings of its fingerprint scanner.


Apple's new iPhone 5S, which comes with a fingerprint scanner, apparently doesn’t store fingerprints, or even images of fingerprints, but actually stores only 'fingerprint data'.

Those concerned about privacy issues on the iPhone 5S, here's what Apple had to say...
-The fingerprint data is not stored locally as a file somewhere, or on iCloud, but rather on the A7 processor itself. So chances of reverse-engineering it are very slim.
- Apple does not allow third-party applications to use the scanner.
- Apple Touch ID users also have to create a passcode as a backup, which will activate if the phone hasn't been used for 48 hours, to prevent hackers from trying to circumvent the fingerprint scanner.

Apparently testers are reporting that the Touch ID sensor is a little too touchy, or rather 'un-touchy' as moisture, sweat, cream, and oil interfere with the system.

Apple isn't the first one to introduce fingerprint scanning technology, Motorola Atrix did it, but unfortunately bombed. We hope this doesn't happen to Apple, and gets this right by paving the way forward for better security on our devices.


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