Qunari Race Playable in Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition

Horns. OK. Please.


Forget about puny human tank characters such as Alistair in Dragon Age 1, the formidable horned race (and horny too, if you play that way) Qunari from Dragon Age 2 are back and this time as a playable character.

At PAX, the developer confirmed Qunari male/female race will indeed be playable along with the standard human, elf, and dwarf races. The developer also showed off a section of the game named Crestwood, which is said to be bigger than the entirety of Dragon Age 2. OMG!

Sounds really sweet, especially since Bioware is behind the franchise. Whatever it is, sign us up. More combat, looting and illicit love relations, here we come.

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