New Keyboard Accessory Will Shock You Enough To Leave Facebook |

New Keyboard Accessory Will Shock You Enough To Leave Facebook

Shock therapy to get rid of Facebook addiction.


Move over drugs and cocaine, Facebook is the new addiction in town (we're sure you'd agree). A team of MIT candidates, Robert R Morris and Dan McDuff have come up with a novel idea of getting rid of this FB addiction. The duo has built a keyboard accessory that will zap the user or rather, deliver non-lethal electric shocks via an Adruino board adjacent to the keyboard, every time he/she opens Facebook. McDuff says that the unpleasant shocks from Pavlov Poke, as they call it, will help avid FB users avoiding the website "or rock silently in the corner, quietly weeping". However, Morris confided that they ended up removing the device quickly after installing it, although he noticed a "significant, though temporary, reduction" in his Facebook usage.

Facebook addiction is indeed a cause of concern for corporates, which leads almost every system admin to block access to the social networking website on office networks. Indeed, I can relate to their concerns as it is not unusual for many around me to casually open FB to check for updates or post something. While our system admin has not blocked FB, I have coaxed him into reading this piece to give him more effective ideas to help rehab FB addicts. However, I highly doubt this "therapy" will work as the addicts would rather train their bodies to endure the shocks than leave FB. What say?

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